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Jony Ive said to be involved with design of Apple's mixed reality headset

By Cookie Monster - on 22 May 2022, 11:14am

Jony Ive said to be involved with design of Apple's mixed reality headset

Image source: Ian Zeibo

The design of Apple's upcoming mixed reality headset is said to be influenced by Jony Ive, its former chief design officer.

Sources told The Information that Ive's consulting work with Apple includes the mixed reality headset and he provided guidance on certain aspects of the device including the battery, camera placement and ergonomics. Team members working on the headset reportedly have to travel across the country to Ive's home to get approval on changes. 

The sources added that Ive continues to refine the design of the device and prefers one that tethers the device to a battery the user wears. It is unclear at the moment whether Ive's preference made it to the final design.

Aside from Ive's involvement in the design of the device, sources say one of the key features is the ability to project lifelike avatars with accurate facial expressions. This is made possible by a combination of 14 cameras and algorithm that track the user's face to accurately represent the expression and mouth movements.

The Information reported in February last year that Apple's mixed reality headset will have more than a dozen cameras for tracking hand movements and showing video of the real world to the user. There will also be high-resolution 8K displays and advanced eye-tracking technology. The mixed reality headset is tipped to cost about US$3,000.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared in a March 2021 tweet that the eye-tracking technology can reveal more information on an object or location that the user is looking at. Kuo also said there will be 15 camera modules for augmented reality video experiences.

Other rumoured features of the mixed reality headset include the ability to handle games in high-quality virtual reality thanks to two powerful processors the need to be tethered to an iPhone, support for Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, a focus on gaming, media and communication, and its own OS known as RealityOS.

Apple is slated to launch the mixed reality headset in early 2023 and it is believed to be near completion as the project team recently demonstrated the device to the company's board members.

Source: The Information

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