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Jinny Software Launches VAVOOMB

By Joy Hou - on 26 Apr 2011, 9:27am

Jinny Software Launches VAVOOMB

DUBLIN - Jinny Software, today announces the launch of VAVOOMB. VAVOOMB enables calls and video to transmit over IP networks while still utilising the high quality of circuit-switched networks.

A single identity

VAVOOMB (Voice and Video Over Mobile Broadband) enables mobile operators to give their customers the choice to make and receive calls and send and receive text messages via their mobile phone, PC, or tablet. All this is done using their mobile number - as opposed to a separate VoIP identity.

The drivers behind this product are the growing popularity of VoIP services such as Skype and pressure on operators to converge mobile services with IP. According to In-Stat research, there will be 288 million VoIP users by 2013, and mobile will have to find a role in that. With VAVOOMB, operators will be able to offer a next-generation benefit to subscribers: freedom to use all of their devices to communicate under a single identity via mobile broadband while enjoying the benefits of both VoIP and circuit switched networks. VAVOOMB enables operators to add a whole new dimension of value to the service they provide, while leveraging their core network assets.

Offering convenience and quality to VoIP users

VAVOOMB converges the two worlds of IP networks and circuit-switched networks and combines the flexibility of the former with the superior sound quality of the latter. VAVOOMB overcomes the drawbacks of using VoIP – people can make and receive VoIP calls when and if it suits them.

For example, if a VAVOOMB user receives a call when they are in front of their laptop, they can choose to take that call on their laptop as a VoIP call. If they are out somewhere or their laptop is switched off then they take the call on their mobile phone as normal.

If the VAVOOMB user has to step out during a VoIP call or the call quality is poor, they can simply move the call to the mobile handset without interruption. The caller is unaware of how their call is being answered, or that it is being transferred between devices.

VAVOOMB can be easily integrated into the mobile operator’s network using SIP for voice calls and messaging protocols such as SMPP & UCP for SMS.

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