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Jewelers gold plating Apple Watch to undercut Apple

By James Lu - on 6 May 2015, 9:35am

Jewelers gold plating Apple Watch to undercut Apple

Source: Golden Dreams

If paying US$10,000 for a gold Apple Watch Edition is a bit out of your price range, some enterprising jewelers have taken it upon themselves to offer a more affordable alternative. 

Watch Plate will gold plate your Apple Watch in 24k gold for just US$399 (~S$531). All you have to do is send them your stainless steel Apple Watch and they will gold plate it for you and ship it back, all within three business days. And yep, they do accept international orders too!

If sending your watch overseas is too much hassle, you can wait for Swiss company Golden Dreams to start offering its own gold plated Apple Watch units. Starting at the low, low price of US$3,550 (~S$4,723), the company will buy an Apple Watch for you and gold plate it in your choice of 24 carat yellow gold, 18 carat rose gold, or 18 carat white gold models. The company even offers custom hand engraving and exotic leather straps available including alligator, python, ostrich and shark skin. 

Alternatively, you could just do what this guy did:

Source: Watch Plate, Golden DreamsCasey Neistat via

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