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JBL wants you to rap not wrap your gifts

By Ken Wong - on 25 Apr 2023, 3:06pm

JBL wants you to rap not wrap your gifts

Image source: JBL.

As part of Earth Month, JBL has launched an initiative that encourages customers to replace wrapping paper with a rap song.  

Available via an official rap website customers are faced with choosing one of seven rap songs and then creating a digital wrapping paper with it. JBL will then create a custom link to the rap that can be shared with the person to whom the customer is sending the gift.

JBL quoted research that found that approximately four million tons of wrapping paper or the equivalent of 40 million trees, is discarded each year. So, by taking this small step, we can each can contribute to a more sustainable future, JB says.

The raps on the portal are usable free of charge and available for use by customers globally.

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