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JBL partners with Garena to gamify education for local tertiary institutions

By Cheryl Tan - on 23 Feb 2024, 7:47pm

JBL partners with Garena to gamify education for tertiary institutions

JBL Quantum Game Theory activation at ITE College East.

Remember when our parents used to tell us "stop playing games and go study"? Well, JBL and Garena is rebutting that and saying "why not both?" with the JBL Quantum Game Theory programme. In an interesting twist on gamifed learning, this programme integrates interactive education with actual gaming, by way of Call of Duty Mobile matches among students.

Partnering with Garena, the programme has physical activations at tertiary institutions where tables and equipment are set up for students in participating courses to use. 

“JBL Quantum Game Theory stands at the forefront in the field of gamification in academia. Together with our partners, we are not just shaping the future of learning but also redefining how students engage with educational content and fostering a love for learning through the exciting lens of gaming." - Mr. Benjamin Tan, Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing APAC.

Table setup for the event.

We had the opportunity to head down to ITE College East to have a hands-on demo and watch a session take place. First, students are divided into groups and sat at tables with JBL gaming headsets and phones.

The students then take a quick quiz that tests their knowledge on a subject module, AI in our case, and how well they fare on that quiz determines the equipment loadout they receive in a match. The more correct answers, the better the equipment. 

Student playing Call of Duty Mobile.

After the quiz, the students then get to participate in a custom match to earn points. At the end of the round, students with the highest points get to win prizes like JBL headsets and even receive a JBL Quantum Pass which offers discounts on JBL products and in-game perks for Call of Duty Mobile.

Even without the incentive of prizes, it was clear as day that the students were excited just by the game. While observing the session, we could hear people happily exclaiming how much they scored on the quiz and discussing the answers as well as which guns they got in their loadouts. It was certainly a nice change from the usual classroom environment that can be stifling and dull. Importantly, we could see that this form of engagement reinforces concepts learned through one's coursework and 'field-tested' through fun and games.

JBL's headsets definitely give players an advantage.

Singapore is the first market that's implementing the JBL Quantum Game Theory programme, but JBL and Garena aren't stopping here. There are plans to not only bring the programme to other tertiary institutions in Singapore like polytechnics and universities, but even overseas to countries like Indonesia, the Philippines and more. We'll be keeping an eye on how the programme evolves in the future, but as of right now, it's looking like it'll definitely be making education more fun.

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