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Another country is prepping legislation to allow app sideloading on the iPhone

By Cookie Monster - on 28 Dec 2023, 9:40am

Another country is prepping legislation to allow app sideloading on the iPhone

Japan joins the EU in implementing legislation to allow app sideloading on the iPhone.

Apple's walled garden strategy is facing crackdown in a country outside of the EU. 

Nikkei Asia claims Japan is preparing legislation to be sent to parliament in 2024 to force Apple, Google and other international tech companies to open up their ecosystems. If the legislation is passed in parliament, the Japan Fair Trade Commission will be empowered to impose fines on tech companies if they do not comply.

The four key areas identified are app stores and payments, search, browsers, and operating systems. The move would allow Japanese companies to run dedicated game stores on iOS devices and introduce payment systems with lower fees from local fintech companies. 

Apple currently charges up to 30% fees for apps and in-app purchases, which is a significant cut of sales from app developers and leads to consumers paying more for the same content or services on its devices than other platforms.

Japan's move comes after the EU enacted the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in 2022. The EU's DMA requires all "gatekeeper" companies to "ensure open markets" by 6 March, 2024.

Bloomberg reported last month that Apple will roll out a "highly controlled system" for iPhone users in the EU to download and install apps hosted out of the Apple App Store. The system is said to have certain security requirements to verify apps from third-party stores and this might incur some sort of a fee.

While Apple has no choice but to comply with the DMA, the company is not shy about stating its case against app sideloading. Apple's stance is that app sideloading compromises the security and privacy of its devices, which could result in malicious actors using compromised apps to hold users' data for ransom.

Source: Nikkei Asia

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