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Jabra Supreme Incorporates Active Noise Cancellation

By Joy Hou - on 16 Sep 2011, 2:48pm

Jabra Supreme Incorporates Active Noise Cancellation

Combined with Noise Blackout 3.0 and Wind-Noise reduction, it’s like having your phone conversation in a quiet room, wherever you go (S$198)

SINGAPORE - Jabra has unveiled the Jabra Supreme, the first non-stereo headset to incorporate Active Noise Cancellation to block out noisy environments for the user wearing the headset. Active Noise Cancellation combined with Noise Blackout 3.0 and Wind-Noise Reduction technology, the Jabra SUPREME creates the ultimate end user experience, offering superb performance and exceptional audio quality to heavy users of hands-free communication, regardless of the noise environments they are in.

For years, headset-makers have focused on noise reduction technology that avoids the transmission of background noise in the call. Now Jabra SUPREME does it all – by reducing ambient noise around you, so you can hear your conversation so much better and clearer. It’s like having your phone conversation in a quiet room, anywhere you go.

Active Noise Cancellation uses one dedicated microphone and an electronic chipset to generate an "anti-noise" sound, removing ambient noise around you that you would otherwise hear as well. The end result for you is call quality that is excellent in sound no matter the noise setting you happen to be in. Before the Jabra SUPREME, Active Noise Cancellation has been available only in high-end stereo headphones.

Jabra SUPREME is scheduled to retail in Singapore from mid-October. At RRP S$198, Jabra SUPREME will be available at Challenger and Apple Premium Resellers.

While Active Noise Cancellation eliminates ambient sound on the caller's end, Jabra's latest generation of Noise Blackout technology included in Jabra SUPREME – Noise Blackout 3.0 - dramatically reduces background noise that is transmitted to the caller on the other end of the line, so the caller also hears you better and clearer. Working in combination with the new patent-pending Wind-Noise Reduction technology developed for calls in outdoor, windy conditions, Jabra SUPREME promises the best-sounding conversation possible on both ends.

The Jabra SUPREME features a patented boom arm that "flips," enabling users to power on and off by simply flipping the headset open and closed. This advanced design combined with a state-of-the-art adjustable earhook and selection of ear cushions makes for one of the most comfortable and easiest headset carrying solutions on the market. Jabra SUPREME is equipped with a 24mm speaker for powerful sound and also includes HD Voice, Voice Guidance and Voice Controls.

Key features and specifications:

  • Active Noise Cancellation technology (Receive)
  • Noise Blackout 3.0 - Dual Microphone technology (Transmit)
  • Wind-noise Reduction technology
  • HD Voice technology
  • Powerful 24mm speaker
  • Voice Guidance and Voice Controls
  • A2DP – stream multimedia and GPS apps from your phone
  • Connects to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously with Advanced Multiuse technology
  • Up to 6 hours of talk time and 15 days of standby time
  • Weighs 18g
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