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Jabra's flagship Elite 7 Pro earbuds now support multipoint Bluetooth connectivity

By Kenny Yeo - on 31 Jan 2022, 9:41am

Jabra's flagship Elite 7 Pro earbuds now support multipoint Bluetooth connectivity

(Image source: Jabra)

Jabra announced a new flagship true wireless earbud late last year called the Elite 7 Pro.

It features active noise-cancelling, remarkable battery life of up 8 hours with ANC on a single charge, IP57 dust and water resistance, and Jabra's MultiSensor Voice technology for better voice pickup.

However, it lacked multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, which, had become something of a signature feature for high-end Jabra earbuds.

In case this feature is unfamiliar to you, multipoint support lets owners connect their earbuds to two or more devices simultaneously. This can be very useful if you are working at your desk and listening to music on your desktop and a call comes in on your phone. Your earbuds can immediately switch over without the need to re-pair them.

Fortunately, Jabra is fixing that today with a firmware update. The latest firmware for the Elite 7 Pro (version 2.0.0) finally adds multipoint support.

If you own the Elite 7 Pro and want to update to the latest firmware, simply connect your earbuds to your device and open the Jabra+ sound app. A notification will appear informing you a new firmware is available. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to update your earbuds' firmware.

As luck would have it, I happen to be testing the Elite 7 Pro right now and can confirm that this firmware and the new multipoint support works as advertised. Switching between sources is seamless and quick.

This makes the Elite 7 Pro one of the few earbuds to have multipoint support and could be a reason why some might pick it over others.

Source: Jabra

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