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Jabra Elite Sport wireless ear buds available for pre-orders at SITEX 2016

By Liu Hongzuo - on 23 Nov 2016, 12:11pm

Jabra Elite Sport wireless ear buds available for pre-orders at SITEX 2016

Jabra Elite Sport. 

Jabra offers up the Jabra Elite Sport wireless ear buds, officially joining the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Sony in this relatively new race for personal audio. While its competitors flirt with fitness compatibility, Jabra’s alternative pushes hard at active users with a panel of fitness-related perks, such as a built-in heart rate monitor (HRM), intelligent in-ear coaching, and IP67 water protection.

Using near-field magnetic induction, the Jabra Elite Sport ear buds supports mono audio through its primary bud, as well as stereo audio when the secondary (left-sided) ear bud comes with 25cm range of the primary bud. Created with the help of ReSound engineers (folks who have 145 years of experience in medical-grade hearing aids), the Jabra Elite Sport marks itself as a high-quality audio product with its backing. It also comes with two microphones per side – the first microphone is for voice calls, and the second one picks up ambient sounds to help its users stay aware of their immediate surroundings while in use.

As mentioned above, the Jabra Elite Sport caters to fitness buffs. The built-in HRM works with the earbud’s proprietary mobile app (Jabra Life Sport), allowing users to track their fitness levels with VO2 Max measurements, run timings, and workout planning. Fitness updates are audibly delivered in real-time using its intelligent in-ear coaching system. The app also reflects other data captured by the Elite Sport earbuds, including distance covered, pace, route, calories burnt, etc.

For extra comfort, it comes with three different sizes of ear gels, wing-tips, and ear foam. It also comes with a water protection rating of IP67, making it sweat-proof and functional for at least 30 minutes while submerged up to a meter deep. The Jabra Elite Sport provides three hours of active use (talk and/or music), and it’s paired with a carrying case that doubles as a portable charger that contains another six hours of battery life for these buds.

The Jabra Elite Sport officially retails at S$368, and will be available for pre-orders at SITEX 2016 (24th to 27th November 2016 at Singapore Expo Hall 5 & 6). The pre-orders can be done at booths representing Nubox (Booth 6F13), Best Denki (Booth 6B07), and Harvey Norman (Booth 6C07).

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