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Jabra Adds Always-on Audio Performance with New Suite of Music Headphones (Updated!)

By Joy Hou & Vijay Anand - on 10 Jan 2013, 7:55pm

Jabra Adds New Dimension to Always-on Sound Performance with New Suite of Music Headphones

Image source: Jabra

Jabra has announced its latest range of corded and wireless stereo headphones at CES 2013, elevating the listening and call experience to a new dimension of sound performance. Specifically designed for hard-wearing, everyday use and portability, the new Jabra Revo Wireless, Jabra Revo corded and Jabra Vox in-ear earphones epitomize the ultimate balance in design, ease-of-use and outstanding sound quality that is expected from today’s discerning music lover. Fusing the Dolby Digital Plus technology with Jabra's exclusive Sound App for iOS and Android devices, the headphones create a much richer, fuller sound that's often missing in digitally compressed audio.

Both the Jabra Revo Wireless and Jabra Revo headphones are solidly constructed using an aluminum frame, steel hinges and a shatter-proof headband for extreme flexibility. As you might have noticed, there are on-ear headphones, but just as per their marketing, they are indeed designed to accommodate long hours of usage comfortably (the ear pads use memory foam) as we felt at ease when giving it a quick run-through at the show floor.

The Jabra Revo headpones even incorporates NFC functionality for even easier pairing of devices with your mobile products.

They are easily stow-able thanks to their foldable nature which further make them ideal for mobile usage. The other ear cup seen in the foreground has touch-based controls built-in for intuitive control. For example, to increase or reduce volume, simply use your finger to 'dial' across the surface either clockwise or counter-clockwise accordingly. It can't get simpler than this.

The small but tough Jabra Vox is built from premium materials, comes with tangle-free, reinforced cables and is thoroughly tested for ultimate durability and performance. In fact when we briefly tried it, it's very difficult to get the earphones tangled for two reasons - the main audio cable has a square cross-section instead of the usual cylindrical one and closer to the earphones, there's a clever magnetic clip that ensures both ear pieces are held together. These earphones score heavily for practicality and usability.

Jabra's audio app even allows you to select which headset you own to apply the best suitable audio settings. More detailed audio settings can be applied, right down to equalizer settings, which again is intuitive to use. Dolby Digital processing can also be toggled depending on your preference.

From padded headbands and plush, memory foam ear cups on the Jabra Revo to perfectly fitting, specially designed ColorCore EarGels for enhanced comfort and deep sound on the Jabra Vox, the new range of stereo headphones are engineered to rest comfortably for extended use and lifestyle fulfillment.

Jabra’s new music headphone series will hit local stores in February 2013 with prices ranging from S$148 for Jabra Vox, S$248 for Jabra Revo and S$398 for Jabra Revo Wireless. From what we've tried, we would highly recommend trying them out as initial impressions were positive.

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