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It’s all good with the BeoPlay A6

By Marcus Wong - on 18 Mar 2016, 11:42am

It’s all good with the BeoPlay A6

It may measure just 536 x 298 x 144mm and weigh just 4.2kg, but the BeoPlay A6 is packed with power. It has two 60 watt 5.5” woofers, two 30 watt ¾” tweeters, and one rear-facing 60 watt 1.5” full-range driver that allows the speaker to spread music evenly in all directions. 

According to designer Jakob Wagner, with the BeoPlay A6, “form follows sound and interaction”, and speaker “plays to you”, no matter where you place it. Be it mounted on the wall, placed in the corner of the room, or on a glass table right on the center, the BeoPlay A6 can be easily controlled via an app on your smart device. 

The controls for the BeoPlay A6 are all touch based.  

Get up close though, and you’ll find that there are no obvious controls. Instead, the entire top surface is touch sensitive, so you can tap in the middle to start the music, swipe from left to right to turn up the volume, do the opposite to turn it down, and hold down on the center to mute the sound. Switching between tracks is a matter of tapping on the left of right side of the speaker, so it’s certainly a hands-on experience to say the least.

The BeoPlay A6 certainly has a most unique design.

On top of streaming music through AirPlay, DLNA or Bluetooth 4.0, you can also pull it down from streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and Internet radio TuneIn. The BeoPlay A6 supports MP3, WMA, AAC, ALAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF formats at standard sample rates up to 192kHz, stereo in up to 24bit encoding so you get only the best experience.

A selection of fabric covers are available to purchase as accessories.

Multiroom functions are supported via BeoLink Multiroom technology, and a selection of fabric covers from Kvadrat are also available should you wish to change the color. According to B&O PLAY, the fabric is specially designed to provide “acoustic transparency” while maintaining the desired aesthetics, so ultimately the speaker will sound good no matter which front cover you put on.

The BeoPlay A6 comes in white with a Light Grey cover included. (Other cover options include Dark Grey, Dark Rose and Dusty Blue) It’s available now at the Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt showroom for S$1599. 

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