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iPrice: Southeast Asians shop online outside of office hours; big spenders prefer desktops over mobile shopping

By Liu Hongzuo - on 15 Aug 2022, 3:09pm

iPrice: Southeast Asians shop online outside of office hours; big spenders prefer desktops over mobile shopping

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Employers would be happy to learn that their workers aren’t online shopping as much during office hours. 

iPrice's infographic on online shopping behaviour, with dark blue indicating recent shopping patterns, and light blue showing past shopping patterns. Source: iPrice.

In a recent report uploaded by iPrice (State of Online Shoppers in Southeast Asia 2021/22 – Part 2), the team found that Southeast Asian shoppers mostly shop during lunch breaks, after work, and typically on Sunday noon or night

This is a big shift in behaviour compared to four years ago, when online shopping happens the most on a Wednesday at 3 PM. 

While iPrice’s hypothesis simply stated that “the shift towards mobile e-commerce has driven these changes”, we’d like to offer a few other assumptions too, which are also captured in this separate analysis

First, the change in delivery expectations helped to relax the pressures around ordering ahead of time – consumers can still expect to receive goods within a reasonable timeframe even if they order them online after office hours. The second assumption would be sale festivals by online shopping platforms helping to shape shopping behaviour, with weekends and holidays more conducive for deals-hunting and comparison, and flash sales happening at odd hours of the day.

iPrice infographic showing the average basket amount spent on mobile (light blue) versus desktop (dark blue), breakdown by SEA territory. Source: iPrice.

Another piece of information that stood out was how desktop platforms are preferred over mobile for big-ticket or more expensive online purchases. iPrice posits that pricey goods require more information when consumers make purchase decisions, and desktops facilitate that better than mobile with bigger displays. 

It’s a bit of a shameless self-plug for the HWZ team here, but that’s primarily why we still make an effort to review, test, and explore expensive gadgets and direct users to official platforms, instead of fully descending into the TikTok madness. 

iPrice found that the average basket size, based on Singapore Dollars, is 75% higher on desktop purchases versus mobile purchases across SEA markets. Furthermore, it found Singapore to be well in the lead. 

Vietnam is the only outlier among the surveyed territories, but that’s because the users there still enjoy offline shopping for big-ticket items. In hindsight, this finding partially explains the higher-than-usual number of Vietnam travellers queuing at an iPhone launch in Singapore (1, 2).

If you’re interested in the report, check it out at iPrice here. The team also uploaded a separate report on why SEA phone users still rely on telco contract plans to afford smartphones.

Source: iPrice (Malaysia)

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