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iOS 15.4 that allows Face ID while wearing a mask is coming next week (Update: Available now)

By Kenny Yeo - on 15 Mar 2022, 8:56am

iOS 15.4 that allows Face ID while wearing a mask is coming next week (Update: Available now)

Note: This article was first published on 9 March 2022 and it's republished now because iOS 15.4 is now available to download.

iOS 15.4 will have some big changes and it looks like it could be rolling out sometime next week.

As detailed earlier, iOS 15.4 will add Face ID with a Mask, a new feature that will allow users to use Face ID with a mask.

Face ID with a Mask works by scanning the areas around the eye when a mask is worn. Apple did say that it is less accurate, but that's a fair trade-off for the added convenience. Also, it works with Apple Pay and can be used to authenticate third-party apps which is useful if you want to use other payment apps. Check out my editor who tried enrolling his face and activating Face ID with a Mask:-

This will finally solve one of the biggest problems iPhone owners have been facing since the start of the pandemic. 

Apple didn't say when iOS 15.4 will be available exactly, but it did say in its press release for the new green iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro that these phones will ship with iOS 15.4. These new green phones will be available on 18 March so mark that date out on your calendar.

iOS 15.4 will work with any device that supports iOS 15 and that includes iPhones from the iPhone 6S onwards.

Update on 15 March 2022: iOS 15.4 is available now. To update your phone, go to the Settings app, then General, and then Software Update.

Source: Apple

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