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iOS 10 key updates as seen at WWDC 2016

By Liu Hongzuo - on 14 Jun 2016, 4:15am

iOS 10 key updates as seen at WWDC 2016

iOS 10 to be available publicly this Fall 2016 (Q3 2016).

At Apple's WWDC 2016 keynote address held in Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco today, we saw one of the largest updates to Apple's mobile platform, the iOS 10. Here, we've compiled the key features that would definitely matter to anyone using an iPhone.

Note that iOS 10 will only be publicly available for free in Fall 2016 (that's our Q3 2016). Public beta starts in July 2016. Here it goes.


New features for iOS 10 lock screen

New to the Apple ecosystem is none other than Raise To Wake - a feature on iOS 10 that makes iPhone's lock screen display those important notifications as you bring your mobile device up to your line of sight. The lock screen is also capable of displaying more information from apps, and showing widgets to its left, making your notifications more meaningful. Camera is now even easier to snap to - all it takes is a swipe from the right.


Third-party integration with Siri

Siri will be open to third-party app developers, which means your favorite non-Apple apps will be able to use iOS's intelligent voice command controls to send messages in WeChat. This opens many options on how to use our iPhone beyond its current iteration of voice-to-text messaging and calendar snooping.


Better predictive text

With the implementation of LSTM (long short term memory) deep learning protocols into Quicktype, iOS 10 now offers better predictive texting. One of the examples given at WWDC 2016 was the ability for Siri to pre-fill text based on context, such as contact details of a colleague when a sender requests for it.


Facial recognition in Photos, and Memories

Photos now come equipped with deep learning technology, enabling facial recognition, as well as object & scene recognition. Combined, the extra data helps iOS 10 create better photo albums based on the photo's imagery and content. Memories is the result of combining these photos into a short footage, which is highly adjustable to your own needs. Like many of the new iOS 10 features, you have to see it to believe it.


Maps app now open to third-party developers

If you liked how Google Maps integrate hotel and restaurant bookings into its interface, you'd be happy to know that iOS 10 will see such integration, now that Maps is open to third-party developers via Maps Extensions.


Revamped Music app

The Music app in iOS 10 went for a complete makeover, with heavy focus on the user's library, the album artwork for your tunes, and an overhaul to its general design language. Songs now come with lyrics implemented under the track scrubbing bar, so there's no need to manually stuff lyrics in the description box like its 2008.


Apple News overhaul

Besides a redesigned app with better organized content sprawled across its interface, Apple News now offers Subscriptions, which lets you view all your paid news on the app. Apple News now offers deeper integration into iOS 10 as well, with the option to allow Breaking News notifications.


Apple Home app on iOS 10

The Apple HomeKit interface is now congruent, thanks to the new Home app. This app lets you manage all HomeKit devices (effectively IoT smart home appliances previously compatible with iOS 9) under one be-all-end-all app. The app also allows customization and Siri voice control.


Phone app improvements and third-party support

Your voicemail is now transcribed, so that you won't miss anything crucial even when you are not available to take a call. Phone app is also now open to third-party developers, allowing other partners to provide more information about the caller - this can potentially suss out all probable scam calls originating from China. VoIP calls from third-party apps such as WhatsApp can get a nice call screen, as opposed to a tiny notification bar.


iMessage app goes beyond text

iMessage in iOS 10 goes beyond text-only communication. You get rich links with preview image from pasted URLs. Songs and videos can be played directly from the message itself. Camera and photos are more intuitive, with implementation not unlike the Facebook Messenger mobile app. Emojis can be three times bigger, with predictive emojis available. iMessages also welcomes hand-written messages, and new message effects that add more impact to your text puts PowerPoint's transition effects to shame.


End-to-end Encryption

In a bid to improve personal privacy and iOS security, iOS 10 now features end-to-end encryption by default. All messages and transmitted information on Apple's proprietary apps are better protected from hijacking.


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