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Introducing the Leap

By James Lu - on 23 May 2012, 2:59pm

Introducing the Leap

If it works, Leap Motion's upcoming 'Leap' should get you one step closer to being Tony Stark. Or having his computer at least. Using a sensor no bigger than an iPod, placed in front of your computer, the Leap allows you to point, swipe and gesture in the air above it to control your computer with seemingly pin-point accuracy.

With large touch screen displays still very expensive, the Leap looks like it could be a great (and superior - since you don't actually have to touch the screen) alternative. The device is not available yet, but limited pre-orders are currently available for a very reasonable US$70 - less than some high-end gaming mice and US$180 cheaper than what Microsoft is selling Kinect for Windows for.

Check out this video for a demonstration of how the Leap works:


The Leap is currently estimated to ship in late 2012 or early 2013. Parent company Leap Motion is currently looking for software developers who are interested. If you are a software developer and are interested in receiving an SDK, you can submit your application here.

Source: Leap Motion

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