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Intel-sponsored study names Singapore the world’s leading smart city for 2017

By Alvin Soon - on 13 Mar 2018, 3:55pm

Intel-sponsored study names Singapore the world’s leading smart city

An Intel-sponsored study by Juniper Research has named Singapore the world’s leading smart city. Juniper examined cities’ current progress and future potential. The report (PDF link) ranks four key indices: mobility, healthcare, public safety and productivity.

The study took a difficult tack from other smart city studies. Previous studies focused on projecting technology spend or service revenue for businesses. But Juniper focused on how smart cities can give time back to its citizens. The report reasons that time is a scarce commodity, and time freed has a powerful impact on citizens’ health and happiness.

A smoother urban transport system, for example, can reduce traveling time. Governments with apps or digital services can simplify administrative processes and save time.

Juniper Research ranked Singapore as the top-performing city among 20 smart cities. Based on their metrics, this means Juniper Research ranks Singapore as the smart city that helps citizens save the most time.

Singapore took first place in mobility for its smart, connected traffic solutions, although the report doesn’t define what these solutions are. The report also cites the COE system, which reduces the number of vehicles on the roads.

Singapore and Seoul were noted for addressing healthcare for the elderly, through digital platforms and remote monitoring devices. Singapore placed first in safety for its smart video surveillance system. And Singapore ranked first in productivity for its ability for citizens to access digital services and city information.

Besides Singapore, Juniper Research’s other outstanding smart cities include Chicago, London, New York, and San Francisco.

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