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Instagram’s answer to Twitter is a new social media app called Threads

By Liu Hongzuo - on 6 Jul 2023, 4:09pm

Instagram’s answer to Twitter is a new social media app called Threads

This article was first published on 4 July 2023.

6 July 2023 update: We're bumping this news up in our feed because the app is now available to iOS and Android users. Oh and you can find HardwareZone on Threads too.

The rival to Twitter by Meta is called Threads, an Instagram app.

Meta launched a rival app to Twitter on 6 July 2023 called Threads, by Instagram. The new Twitter-like app features the hallmarks of the Twitter experience: a text-based social media platform where users can like, comment, and share their thoughts.

Threads logo.

Threads, an Instagram app (which we’ll call Threads), is now available in Apple’s iOS App Store as of the wee hours of 6 July 2023. There’s also an Android version of the app hosted on the Google Play Store.

What's next after getting app? Follow people, brands and personalities to your taste and participate! Don't forget to add HardwareZone to your list! Yes, we're on Threads.

Based on the app’s description, Threads would be extremely similar to using Twitter, where content creators and regular users can textually expel their opinions to their followers and communities. Samples of the app indicate a design language that mostly takes after Instagram.

While the app can be downloaded ahead of its launch date, it’s currently unclear if the service will go live on 6 July itself. Meta, which owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has declined to comment on the app when approached by other publications.

This comes at a time when Twitter and its platform users are facing massive changes that affect their user experiences. Earlier this month, Twitter required users to sign in or create an account to view all Tweets (whether public or private ones). 

That was quickly followed by a hard limit on how many Tweets a user could read on the platform, with verified accounts limited to 6,000 Tweets daily. That was followed by a change to TweetDeck, where only verified accounts can use the content management platform (verified accounts require a monthly subscription).

These changes to Twitter affect not just regular users and influencers, but also organisations, information agencies, and governments that contribute to the flighty platform (that includes HWZ’s Twitter too).

Source: The Verge

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