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Instagram finally launches Reels, its TikTok competitor, in Singapore

By Glenn Chua - on 27 Oct 2021, 11:25am

Instagram finally launches Reels, its TikTok competitor, in Singapore

Image source: Instagram

Instagram Reels, a service on the social media platform for videos 60 seconds-or-less, has been released in Singapore, a year since the service launched as a whole. Reels is another high-profile addition into the short-form video space, along with YouTube Shorts, that caters to the short-form video market currently dominated by TikTok.

Instagram touts features in Reels as a chance for creators to go big on the global stage. Though we've already covered the features on Reels, some of the more notable ones include:

  • Audio: where you can search Instagram's music library for a song to accompany your Reel, or record your own original audio
  • Speed: which can speed up or slow down portions of the recorded video 
  • Timer and Countdown: a 3-2-1 countdown that allows you to start a recording hands-free
  • Timed text and stickers: text and stickers that you can insert into your Reels
  • Align: which lines up objects in a previous clip to help smoothen transitions
  • Touch-up: which smoothens the video to a degree that you can specify

The Reels feed can be accessed on the bottom bar of the Instagram app, and can be created through a new option in the Instagram camera.

And in addition to Reels, users can also access new features for Instagram launched during its Product Week last week, including Collabs, a way to co-author posts and Reels with another user, Superbeat and Dynamic/3d Lyrics, special video effects for performing on Instagram, and the ability to post photos and minute-long videos to Instagram via a desktop browser.

These, along with music feature additions that were added to Facebook and Instagram recently, which includes music stickers, music profiles for Facebook, and Soundmojis, allows users to send emojis with short sound clips attached, on Messenger.

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