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Insta360 is set to launch a new 360 camera you spin around you

By Marcus Wong - on 17 Aug 2017, 2:58pm

Insta360 is set to launch a new 360 camera you spin around you reports that Insta360 will be launching an intermediate camera to fill the gap between the Insta360 Air / Nano for consumers and the Insta360 Pro for professionals. Apparently, this was shared over a Facebook conversation (inserted below):  

The Insta360 website was subsequently updated a teaser video on their website, leading to the following predictions from 360 Rumors:

  1. The camera will have in-camera stabilization, and the stabilization will not require a phone.  The stabilization is apparent from the teaser video.
  2. It has two lenses and will be fully spherical, 2D not 3D. Again, this is based on the appearance of the teaser photo on Insta360’s page. 
  3. It will not take an orbiting video while you are stationary. Rather, it has a high-fps mode (at least 240fps or higher) and can be attached to a string and spun around.
  4. It is a compact consumer camera (not a professional 360 camera).  We know this because they were able to spin the camera around, so it shows the small size and weight of the new camera. 
  5. It will have its own memory and storage.  We know this because the new camera can be used independently from a phone.
  6. Excellent stitching.  The video shows very smooth, totally seamless stitching.  The camera will likely have an optical flow mode, a feature of the Insta360 Pro and a feature that was recently implemented in the Insta360 Air.
  7. Excellent dynamic range.  The model’s skin in the video wasn’t blown out.  At the same time, there is detail in the shadows of the distant hills, meaning the camera is able to capture a pretty wide dynamic range.
  8. It will be at least 4K and more likely 5.7K.  The seemingly high level of detail in the teaser video seems to suggest it is at least 4K.  
  9. It is probably slim.  Because the stitching is seamless, it probably implies a thin form factor.
  10. It will probably be compatible with both iOS and Android (either both in the same unit, or they will have two versions). 

If these predictions come through, it does seem like Insta360’s new camera will be quite an interesting one. Just imagine the flood of Matrix-like videos on YouTube! We’ll be sure to update this piece when we find out more. The aforementioned teaser video follows:

Sources: Insta360, 360Rumors

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