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Infinity Ward shares the list of issues it's working on for Modern Warfare's launch

By Koh Wanzi - on 24 Sep 2019, 4:53pm

Infinity Ward shares the list of issues it's working on for Modern Warfare's launch

Image Source: Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's crossplay beta this past weekend has garnered generally positive reviews, with the consensus being that this may possibly be the best Call of Duty title in a while. The gunplay feels super satisfying, with a multitude of attachments to customise your gun and a low time-to-kill. Movements are slick as well, and sliding and vaulting over obstacles feel natural and smooth.

That said, this was still a beta, so there are plenty of bugs being reported. I played the beta myself and ran into an issue where my party would remain stuck in the matchmaking lobby after a game, with the only solution being to disband and remake the party. 

The gameplay is also not without its issues. For instance, the resurgence of killstreaks incentivises camping over aggressive play. Players get access to powerful calvary if they get a certain number of kills without dying, including the Chopper Gunner that mows down players from above and the Wheelson, a remote-controlled UGV that looks sort of like a mini tank. Other than the fact that it's really annoying to be killed by someone constantly hiding in the same spot, it also creates a problem in objective-based modes like Domination, which requires players to capture specific points, if your team is more interested in camping than playing the objective. 

On top of that, there are big problems with how dark certain areas in the game are. I can barely see anything in the Azhir Cave map, and there are plenty of complaints floating around online about this issue.

Infinity Ward has now shared a list of some of the issues it's looking into in a post on Reddit. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does provide some insight into what's on the priority list for the developer:

  • Crashes on Xbox One and PC (please check existing threads on here if you’re experiencing one of these crashes)
  • Players are unable to chat with console platforms while on PC
  • Settings not saving on PC
  • FOV Slider setting reverting to default after loading into the map. This has been fixed.
  • Doors not opening or closing as intended. In some cases, players are able to see through closed doors.
  • Various audio bugs where the only audio being played is of vehicles, no audio, or only weapons
  • Staying as a Party after a match: After completing a match as a party, some players are unable to find a new match and are stuck in the matchmaking lobby. We're still looking into this issue, but in the meantime, disbanding your party and joining back up is a temporary solution while we work on a fix.
  • Spawning and Visuals: Spawning is currently inconsistent on some maps, so thank you for sharing your videos with us and sharing your feedback. We’ll continue to monitor the spawn system and we’ll update you if we deploy any changes. We will also be looking into lighting and exposure on various areas of the map, such as how you view dark rooms from the outside of a building and vice versa, for example.

You can view the full list on the Reddit post here

That's not all we'll be seeing from Modern Warfare ahead of launch though. Activision and Infinity Ward will show off the campaign at the end of the month and you'll get to see the co-op Special Ops mode come 7 October. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 25 October. 

Source: Infinity Ward (Reddit)

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