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IK Multimedia Releases the iGrand Piano App for iPhone/iPod Touch

By Joy Hou - on 7 Nov 2012, 10:25am

IK Multimedia Releases the iGrand Piano App for iPhone/iPod Touch

Image source: IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia has released the iGrand Piano app for iPhone and iPod touch. Offering 17 stereo pianos which rival the virtual pianos for Mac and PC, the app's graphics are native to iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and the new iPod touch, utilizing the full screen size of the newer devices but also optimized for the previous models. iGrand Piano for iPhone and iPod touch provides the same features, sound quality and piano lineup as the recently released iGrand Piano for iPad. Users get a virtual gallery of pianos including grands, baby grands, uprights, and even specialty pianos. The app includes a collection of 8 pianos, which can be expanded up to 17 via in-app purchase.

Each of iGrand Piano's instruments can be adjusted with any of seven performance parameters. These include Volume, Ambience, Lid (positioning), Brightness, Transpose, Tuning and Release. All of the parameters can be easily assigned to a MIDI controller number for external control. In addition, iGrand Piano supports MIDI program change and Virtual MIDI. The app comes with a built-in recorder, which offers overdubbing; quantizing; and audio file export using file sharing, e-mail and the copy function. Also included is a large audio/visual metronome with a tap tempo function.

The iGrand Piano is available at the App Store at US$19.99. Purchasers of iGrand Piano get a selection of eight top-quality pianos and can add the other nine through the Piano Expansion Pack available via in-app purchase. iGrand Piano is also available in a free version which comes with two 4-octave, range-limited pianos, and users have the option to add more pianos via in-app purchase.

Source: IK Multimedia

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