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Hyper releases 13 and 15-port HyperDrive Multi-Display Docks for MacBooks

By Glenn Chua - on 15 Nov 2021, 11:35pm

Hyper releases 13 and 15-port HyperDrive Multi-Display Docks for MacBooks

The dock promises to be a simple, driverless and clutter-free solution to dongles. (Image source: Hyper)

A few weeks after the release of its USB-C Hub laptop stand, Hyper is coming out with a product specifically targeted at professionals and creatives using MacBooks, a HyperDrive Multi-Display Docking Station with more than 10 ports for display and input devices.

The docking station will come in two versions, the 13 to 14-inch MacBook version containing 13 ports, and a 13 to 16-inch MacBook version, which along with the 13-dock port, comes with a magnetic extension containing one additional HDMI and DisplayPort, totalling the number of ports to 15.

Altogether, the new HyperDrive docking station will include these ports:

  • 2x (3x for 13 to 16-inch version) HDMI @ 4K60Hz
  • 2x (3x for 13 to 16-inch version) DisplayPort @ 4K60Hz
  • 2x USB-C @ 10Gbps, 1x USB-C PD 100W
  • 1x USB-A @10Gbps, 2x USB-A @ 5Gbps
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • MicroSD and SD UHS-I @104MB/s

As you can tell, the HyperDrive offers a great amount of flexibility regarding display ports, all with high-resolution 4K60Hz support, as well as a myriad of USB ports of different speeds, totalling 3 USB-A ports and 3 USB-C ports, all in one device, negating the need for separate dongles.

That said, owners of the M1 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air should note that despite the additional video outputs, these notebooks can still only output to a single external display. This is a limitation of the M1 chip and not the docks.

It should also be noted that, for connectivity, the docks require a varying amount of USB-C ports on your MacBook. This will impact the HyperDrive's functionality. For example, a single cable will enable 11 ports, which include one HDMI/DisplayPort, an additional 1-2 USB-C cables will enable 1-2 more HDMI/DisplayPorts, while a total of three cables will enable all 15 ports. The 13 to 14-inch version will come with two USB-C cables for connection, while the 13 to 16-inch version will come with three.

The HyperDrive is designed to sit underneath the MacBook, and Hyper says the HyperDrive's design promotes ergonomic benefits and increases heat dissipation. Compatibility-wise, as it runs off of USB-C, it will work with MacBooks released 2016 and later, as well as any device with USB-C support, including Windows, Android, iOS and Chromebook devices. No drivers or supporting software is required, making it completely plug-and-play.

Hyper is launching the HyperDrive through an Indiegogo campaign that's live now and ends on December 13th, with shipping beginning in December 2021 upon successful funding. The HyperDrive dock for 13 to 14-inch MacBooks will go for US$249.99 (~S$337), while the dock for 13 to 16-inch MacBooks will go for US$299.99 (~S$405).

Early bird backers can get discounts as well, with the 13 to 14-inch HyperDrive going down to US$124 (~S$167), while its larger sibling will go down to US$149 (~S$201).

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