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HWM + HWZ Tech Awards 2021: Reenergized for a new era, now with a talk show

By Vijay Anand - on 28 May 2021, 5:53pm

HWM + HWZ Tech Awards 2021: Repackaged for a new era with a talk show

Recognising the best in the tech industry in a new medium

After months of work, Singapore's most comprehensive tech media awards has finally culminated with a brand new video show.

With nearly 100 products tested by the editorial team to qualify for the Editor’s Choice segment and collating the results from thousands of voters from our Readers’ Choice segment, this year’s awards consist of a total of 65 categories. With Covid-19 concerns still present, the team steered away from conducting a physical event and worked out a new presentation format. This year, the editors got together with radio personality, The Flying Dutchman, to discuss the interesting wins and highlights from the HWM+HardwareZone Tech Awards 2021 for their inaugural talk show. Here's a quick glimpse of it:-

For the full-length show, catch it here, and head over to our Tech Awards microsite for all the winners' listing.

Tech Awards 2021: Crunching the numbers

For the 2021 edition, we have a total of 42 Readers' Choice categories spread across four major sectors: Computing, Consumer Electronics, Communications & Services, and Gaming. Meanwhile, 23 Editor’s Choice categories involving 99 products were tested to determine the best tech gadgets for every need across Home, Work, Mobile and Gaming sectors.

To coincide with the explosion of mobile phone options and keeping folks busy at home playing games safely at home, we've quadrupled the number of smartphone categories tested, and doubled the number of gaming gadget categories. We've even added a Home Entertainment Projector category to help consumers choose a reasonably priced option for larger than life entertainment, and if projectors aren't ideal for their home setup, we've recommendations for the absolute best 65- and 75-inch TVs to part their money with. 

ASUS and Apple emerged as the biggest winners, bagging eight awards each, while Razer was another big-time winner having six awards under their belt. To check out all the winners at a glance, head over to our Tech Awards microsite for the big picture. For in-depth details, we released all the results through these articles:-

It took the team a little while longer to compile all this into our new talk show video, but with that published, that wraps up the entire awards.


About HWM+HardwareZone The Tech Awards

To recap, the HWM + Tech Awards consists of two segments, Readers’ Choice voting to determine the best brands from readers of HWM and HardwareZone, while the Editor’s Choice segment identifies the best tech products as tested by the review team. 

In its 12th year running, the annual HWM + Tech Awards honours all the outstanding tech brands and revolutionary products launched in the last 12 months. From gadgets and services to communication and gaming, we give props to the best in the industry. 

To better respect the increased concerns of running physical events, we skipped conducting an event in 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic spread globally. The landscape isn't safe enough to run physical social events anytime soon, and as such we've kept to an all-digital event this year too, but with a new presentation format.

Still, the accolades must go on to recognise the best in the tech industry and we are eager to send all winning brands their just rewards through our publicity and marketing efforts, as well as trophies to further celebrate the win(s) with their followers and advocates.

Once again, congratulations to all our winners and we hope our awards will inspire them to move the needle even further and keep consumers coming back for more.

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