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Huawei suing Samsung over mobile patents

By James Lu - on 25 May 2016, 10:34am

Huawei suing Samsung over mobile patents

It's unknown which patents Huawei is accusing Samsung of infringing. Shown here is Huawei's Mate 8 smartphone.

Huawei is pursuing legal action against Samsung in both China and the US for allegedly violating its patents on a number of cellular technologies and software. Huawei says that several of its cellular communications and software inventions have been used in Samsung's phones without its permission, however the specific patents involved have not been disclosed.

Surprisingly, Huawei isn't demanding financial recompense from Samsung. Instead, it's asking for a cross-licensing deal where the two sides share patents, meaning Huawei would be able to use some of Samsung's technologies.

Source: BBC

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