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Huawei may be unveiling a Nexus phone this year

By Cookie Monster - on 5 Jun 2016, 12:00am

Huawei may be unveiling a Nexus phone this year

 The Huawei Nexus 6P.

HTC may not be the only Android vendor to be making Nexus phones this year.

Charlene Munilall, the General Manager for Huawei’s Consumer Business Group in South Africa reportedly told Gear Burn that the company is releasing another Nexus phone this year. Below are the statements from Munilall:

“The Nexus product is a very niche product… the techies love it but there’s a very small number of people that buy it. Hence Cellucity only brought 300… into the country,” she explained.

“…The operators generally don’t take up the Nexus device,” Munilall added.

That said, the distributors, our open market, do bring in the device, that’s how Cellucity got it… and that will still be the same this year. We’re doing the Nexus again this year, by the way,” she explained.

LG confirmed at Mobile World Congress 2016 that it will not be making another Nexus phone this year as it wants to focus on its own brand. The Huawei Nexus 6P has been one of the most well-received model and it won't be a surprise if Google wants the Chinese phone maker to do it again this year.

Source: Gear Burn via Android Authority 

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