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Huawei and Oppo announce patent cross-licensing deal

By Cookie Monster - on 11 Dec 2022, 9:25am

Huawei and Oppo announce patent cross-licensing deal

Huawei and Oppo just announced a global patent cross-licensing agreement.

The patent cross-licensing agreeement covers cellular standard essential patents such as 5G, Wi-Fi and audio/video codecs. As U.S imposes stricter trade sanctions on Huawei, this agreement should provide Huawei some access to 5G technologies from an international phone maker like Oppo.

 "We are delighted to have reached a cross-licensing agreement with OPPO. The mutual recognition of intellectual property value between companies is a major step towards fostering a positive cycle of innovation and research in high-value standards: investing, receiving returns from investment, and then reinvesting. This will enable our industry to keep innovating and provide consumers with more competitive products and services." - Alan Fan, Head of Huawei's Intellectual Property Department

"We are very pleased to enter into patent cross-licensing agreement with Huawei. It clearly demonstrates that the two companies recognize and greatly respect the value of each other's intellectual property. It is a win-win deal for both sides," stated Adler Feng, OPPO's Chief Intellectual Property Officer. "We will, as always, advocate for the establishment of a sustainable, healthy intellectual property ecosystem, where intellectual property licenses can be resolved through amicable negotiations and every company's patent value are highly respected."

Apple and Ericsson recently signed a multi-year, global patent license agreement which also put an end to their patent lawsuit filed by both partieese.

Source: Huawei

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