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HTC's Facebook Phones Revealed

By Aloysius Low - on 15 Feb 2011, 9:46am

HTC's Facebook Phones Revealed

The Facebook phone has been in the rumor mill for ages, and some of us have thought the idea to be extremely silly one. After all, most smartphone these days can just download the Facebook app and there's also a mobile version of the website available, so why bother with a phone built on the Facebook ecosystem? Well, Facebook doesn't think the idea is silly, and is working with HTC on the Facebook phone.

With this leak, it means that the HTC built Facebook phones are real and of note are the Facebook buttons located at the bottom of the phone, which is a really odd place, if you ask us. Perhaps these leaked images are fake, but the UI seems to be designed with Facebook in mind. That said, the dedicated Facebook buttons could have been much better placed at a more central location. - HTC is indeed preparing a pair of Android handsets with dedicated Facebook buttons, and they are pictured above and below. While no specs were available, it is clear from the images that one is a QWERTY candybar a la the Motorola Droid Pro, while the other is a more traditional touchscreen slate.

Read more (with pictures) here.

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