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Hoyoverse confirms Zenless Zone Zero will be coming to the PlayStation 5

By Zelda Lee - on 2 Feb 2024, 5:32pm

Hoyoverse confirms Zenless Zone Zero will be coming to the PlayStation 5

We know it’s bound to happen but now it’s official. HoYoverse, the folks behind the colossal hit Genshin Impact, has confirmed that it’s third and action-RPG title, Zenless Zone Zero, will launch on the PlayStation 5 – alongside the already confirmed PC, iOS and Android platforms. This leaves only the Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Switch to not have a version announced for both consoles.

Zenless Zone Zero promises to whisk players away to an urban fantasy playground, devastated by eerie phenomena known as the Hollows. Nestled within this chaos lies New Eridu, the last bastion for humanity, thriving on cutting-edge tech to plunder the Hollows for treasures. Here, players step into the shoes of a Proxy, a seasoned guide shepherding agents through the perilous Hollows in quest of riches.

New Eridu is more than just a backdrop; it's a hub teeming with life, quests, and narratives waiting to unfold. With its myriad neighbourhoods and eclectic inhabitants, the city is poised to evolve, promising an ever-expanding universe of content. Beyond the urban sprawl lies the true test - the Hollows. Here, in stark contrast to Honkai Star Rail’s chess-like confrontations, you're thrust into the thick of real-time combat. Dodging, weaving, and unleashing combos are the order of the day to vanquish beasts and harvest the spoils.

Zenless Zone Zero stands out with its urban flair and dynamic skirmishes, marking a fresh departure from HoYoverse's previous offerings. Yet, at its heart, the game retains the quintessential charm of character collection and progression that fans have come to adore. Whether this new title will replicate the success of its predecessors – Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail – remains a tantalising question mark.

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