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Guess how much it costs Apple to build the Vision Pro

By Shawn Tan - on 27 Feb 2024, 8:13am

Guess how much it costs Apple to build the Vision Pro

The cost of making the US$3,499 Apple Vision Pro is estimated to be slightly over US$1,542.

Research firm Omdia has provided an estimate of the "bills of materials" for the Apple Vision Pro

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive components of the Apple Vision Pro are the displays. The main displays, which are micro-OLED panels, are estimated to cost US$456 – this works out to be US$228 per panel. The external display, which is AMOLED, is approximately US$70.

The two pancake lenses have the same price tag (US$70 each) as the AMOLED external display. The M2 and R1 chips on the Apple Vision are believed to cost around US$240, while the cameras are likely to be in the region of US$150. The cost of the battery is estimated to be around US$20.

Overall, the total hardware components cost for the Apple Vision Pro comes up to US$1,542, which is almost half its retail price of US$3,499. And to be clear, this cost estimate excludes R&D costs, retail packaging, and marketing. 

Considering the relatively small quantity of Vision Pro devices being manufactured for the launch, it is unlikely for Apple to achieve significant economies of scale. That said, component prices are expected to dip as Apple scales up production for a rumoured international launch this year and expands the Vision Pro lineup. 

Source: Omdia via CNBC

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