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How Meta AI is taking over your Instagram experience right now

By Ezzhan Hakim - on 17 Apr 2024, 5:23pm

How Meta AI is taking over Instagram your Instagram experience right now

Originally announced at Meta’s connect event, the Meta AI assistant has made its way to Instagram and has planted itself within the app through the search bar or as a separate chatbot in direct messages. The AI is powered using Meta’s latest large language model, LLama 2.

For direct messages, the AI has access to real-time information through its search partnership with Bing and offers a tool for image generation. 

Generated images feature a "Imagine with AI" watermark at the bottom left corner.

You can start a conversation with Meta AI just like you would when messaging a friend on Instagram. The chatbot can be found by pressing the search button and searching for it. Since the chatbot is still in test mode, only some Instagram Users will be able to see this feature. The AI-powered chatbot can answer questions, write poetry, and generate images with a simple text prompt. 

If you tap the hamburger menu within the bot, Meta AI will also show you a list of possible actions you can ask the bot to take.

Meta AI can also be used in private messages by mentioning the chatbot @Meta AI followed by your prompt. This feature will work if either one user has access to the AI chatbot. Using AI, you can generate stickers from text prompts in private messages.

Meta's AI chatbot is also available in the global search bar. The addition of the AI chatbot should give you more control when looking for accounts, Instagram reels, places, tags, and other content. This could improve discoverability and give Instagram a leg up over rivals like TikTok.

Meta is rolling out these new AI features gradually to users around the world, so don't worry if you don't see this in your Instagram just yet. That said, Meta didn't disclose any timeline as to when all users will get this feature.

Ask Meta AI assistant is available to some Instagram users.

Looking ahead, As part of Meta’s goal to introduce new AI experiences across the company’s family of apps. Meta is also introducing an "AI Studio" platform that will allow developers, businesses, and creators to build their own AIs for use across Meta's apps and services. This will further expand the ecosystem of AI-powered experiences available to users. Ask Meta AI assistant is now in test mode for some Instagram users.

Source: ZDNet, Engadget

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