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How many nukes would it take to wipe Singapore off the map?

By Salehuddin Bin Husin - on 12 Nov 2015, 11:10am

How many nukes would it take to wipe Singapore off the map?

 It turns out all that was needed to wipe us off the face of the planet was just one nuke.

We admit it. We're spending our free time playing too much Fallout 4. How can we not, it's a great game! While adventuring in the wasteland though, one question kept popping up in our minds; how many nukes would it take to wipe us out? So we scoured the depths of the internet and found out.

Turns out it's just one.

With the largest bomb ever devised, a 100 megaton bomb would not only nuke the whole country completely, the radioactive effects would even hit parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. In comparison, the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima (Little Boy), was only 0.015 megatons.

Here's one with projected casualties.

Singapore's estimated population, as of June 2015, was 5.54 million. An airburst nuke with 100 megatons of explosive force would theoretically wipe out about 78.5% of the population if it was detonated right in the center of Singapore.

What about a ground detonation though?

A surface detonation is much more destructive if you look at the projected loss of life.

That's even worse. 92% of the population is dead and the rest will be suffering from the aftermath of the bomb. All the shelters in our homes and on the island? Probably not going to do us much good.

It's scary to think that just a single bomb could take a whole lot of us out with just one hit. Consider our curiosity satisfied then!

If you'd like to futz around with the app we use, you can find it at Nukemap.

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