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Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is now free on PlayStation consoles

By Tim Augustin - on 20 Apr 2021, 3:19pm

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is now free on PlayStation consoles

Image: Sony

Time to hunt some robot dinos. 

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners can now grab a fantastic game totally for free - Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition. A free copy of the game can be redeemed and added to your library from now until 14 May, so don’t miss it. You’re not just getting Guerrilla Games’ gorgeous open-world game, either.

The Complete Edition of Horizon Zero Dawn gives you a couple of extras, such as its Frozen Wilds expansion and a digital artbook. The Frozen Wilds expansion takes Aloy to an entirely new part of the open-world map as she explores a dangerous new threat. This adventure leads her to stumble onto new enemy types, one of which can be a little tricky to deal with, even for those who have finished the base game with the best equipment. 

As a reminder, this game is part of Sony’s Play at Home initiative, which means that you don’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription to redeem the game. The following games are also currently available for free:

  • Abzu

  • Enter the Gungeon (not available in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand)

  • Rez Infinite

  • Subnautica

  • The Witness

However, the last four titles on that list require a PlayStation VR system to play. Still, it can’t hurt to bank those games now just in case you get their next VR system somewhere down the line, right? The above games (minus Horizon Zero Dawn) are also available for free for just two more days, until 22 April. If you haven’t claimed them yet, be sure to do so quickly. 

It’s a great time to catch up on Horizon Zero Dawn, since its sequel Forbidden West is due to launch on the PlayStation 5 later this year. The first game has you play as a young woman branching out into the post-apocalyptic world beyond her clan for the very first time. Playing as Aloy, you’ll discover the shocking truth behind this fallen civilisation and fight to stop another threat from destroying everything that humanity has built… again. 

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