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Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition launches on PC soon with new additions

By Tim Augustin - on 7 Jul 2020, 11:14am

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition launches on PC soon with new additions

Image: Guerrilla Games

You’re finally going to be able to hunt robot dinos with Aloy on PC!

Guerrilla Games just announced a ton of new details on Horizon Zero Dawn’s upcoming PC release. What was once a PlayStation 4 exclusive will arrive on Steam and the Epic Games Store on August 7, 2020. 

Titled Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, the 2017 game will come bundled with all previously-released downloadable content. That includes its massive expansion, The Frozen Wilds, which introduces an entirely new winter-themed segment of the open world environment with a new line of story quests. 

Watch the trailer:

PC players will also get a bunch of additional improvements absent in the PlayStation 4 version of the game. The PC edition will include dynamic foliage and improved reflections, as well as all the usual PC features - benchmarking tools, unlocked framerates, ultrawide support and more settings to fiddle with. 

Horizon Zero Dawn takes place years into the future, after humanity has been driven to near extinction by a mysterious force. Civilisation has devolved back into tribal communities, using basic weaponry to fend off robotic dinosaurs and animals that wander the environment. The story follows a young woman named Aloy, who seeks to uncover the hidden truths behind the collapse of humanity - though she has no idea just how deep that well goes. 

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition will launch on both Steam and the Epic Games Store for US$49.99 (around S$68) on August 7, 2020. You'll have plenty of time to catch up before the upcoming PlayStation 5 sequel!

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