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Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is on a hefty 40 percent discount till 12 Apr

By Kenneth Ang - on 5 Apr 2021, 7:09pm

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is on a hefty 40 percent discount till 12 Apr

Image: Guerrilla Games

Ever since Guerrilla Games first introduced us to the rebellious and fiercely independent Aloy four years ago, the Horizon series' iconic heroine hasn't aged a metaphorical day. Horizon Zero Dawn is still as amazingly fun and enrapturing as it was back in 2017, and if for some reason you have yet to take it for a spin, the Complete Edition will be on discount for PC on Steam, GOG and the Epic Store from now till 12 Apr at a mere S$33.

Take it from us; much like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Monster Hunter World, this is an action-adventure RPG that's worth much, much more than its weight in gold, and the quality of the experience doesn't diminish whether you're running it on console or PC. Still, for the benefit of those who are unsure of its premise, we'll go over it.

Fundamentally, HZD puts you in the shoes of Aloy, a young teenage girl living in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by mechanical beasts. However, unlike the war-torn world of the Terminator franchise, humanity has reverted to living in different tribes and villages much like our hunter-gatherer ancestors. It's a rather novel take on the whole "post-apocalyptic" niche within the science fiction genre, and Aloy's adventure of personal growth and finding her place in the world provides a very "human" contrast to the machine-dominated environment. Gameplay-wise, it's a real treat for gamers who love a good dose of exploration - we daresay there are few overworlds more beautiful than the one in HZD, and the experience is topped off with a healthy amount of narrative progression, combat and hunting too. 

TL; DR: It's an excellent title, and honestly we'd recommend giving it a shot just by virtue of its gorgeously-designed premise. Furthermore, the Complete Edition also includes lots of extra value in the standalone Frozen Wilds DLC chapter, and if you're keen on picking up its sequel Horizon Forbidden West later this year, there won't be a more appropriate appetiser than this. 

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