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Honor Magic6 Pro’s on-device AI, Magic Portal, and Magic Capsule, explained

By Liu Hongzuo - on 20 Mar 2024, 4:52pm

Honor Magic6 Pro’s on-device AI, Magic Portal, and Magic Capsule, explained

Honor Magic6 Pro in Epi Green colourway.

The Singapore launch of the Honor Magic6 Pro is Honor’s serious attempt at incorporating smartphone artificial intelligence into a flagship-class mobile handset. It combines high-powered display comforts, shooting prowess, unique battery technologies, and a 2024 premium flagship chipset by Qualcomm into one phone.

The pricing, availability, and promotions for pre-order and retail details for Magic6 Pro are included in the phone’s launch article here. In this piece, we examine Honor’s on-device AI claims and understand what it offers users.

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MagicOS, now with MagicLM

Honor Magic6 Pro.

MagicOS is the Android reskin of Honor phones. It supports the full suite of Google Mobile Services (as seen in our reviews of its predecessor and foldable). Honor Magic6 Pro comes with MagicOS 8.0, based on Android 14. 

New to its operating system is MagicLM, the on-device large language model AI with seven billion parameters, granting it on-device AI abilities. 

MagicLM is open to app developers and industry partners, allowing them to create AI-powered interactions on their apps, catering specifically to HonorOS phones. A big part of these AI capabilities on Honor Magic6 Pro is because of its chipset choice, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform.

Honor’s MagicLM offers intent-based interfacing. According to its official announcement, the operating system and AI work together to interpret user intent and offer the user’s next interaction through shortcuts, redirects, or automatic popups for follow-ups. 

Through MagicLM’s instructions, Honor has two new features: Magic Portal and Magic Capsule, which are available after a 28 March 2024 firmware update.

What do Magic Portal and Magic Capsule features do on Honor smartphones?

Magic Portal analyses messages and user behaviour before guiding users to the next relevant app for them to follow up on.

For example, the Honor Magic6 Pro would redirect to the Calendar app when it detects messages with invitation details. Another example would be redirecting to Google Maps whenever it receives messages containing an address.

Magic Capsule offers “multimodal interaction through the touch screen". That’s Honor’s fancy way of saying there’s more than one way to complete an interaction on your phone. 

Unfortunately, the eye-tracking controls and gestures it showcased in 2023 are not yet available on global or Singapore Honor handsets. They will have to wait for a future software update.

For now, Magic Capsule is the extra notification you get at the top of your screen, much in the same style as the iPhone’s Dynamic Island notifications. You can still use a finger to tap Magic Capsule, and it still changes states as the notification progresses.  

An example would be the default Timer app, where the timer continues its countdown at the top of your screen as you continue using the rest of your Honor smartphone.

What are the international apps and features supported for Magic Portal and Magic Capsule?

In China, Magic Portal supports over “100 popular apps” across different categories, with the brand mentioning the likes of Baidu Map, Douyin, Bilibili, and Alipay. Naturally, what’s true for China may not be true for the rest of the world, given that Chinese-only Android apps are typically geo-locked or device-locked to Chinese handsets only.

Global/international apps available with Magic Portal are:

SG and international third-party apps supported on Honor's Magic Portal
Category/type App name
Maps and navigation Google Maps
Office and productivity Gmail
Google Chat
Video conferencing and online meetings Zoom
Microsoft Teams
Social media and messaging WhatsApp
 Facebook Messenger
VK (VKontakte)
VK Messenger
Search engines and browsers Google Image Search
Firefox browser
E-commerce and shopping Amazon

Honor also added that these apps are part of its international debut, with more apps to be supported in the future.

The other feature, Magic Capsule, is currently supported on a handful of first-party, default Honor apps, such as Calling, Timer, Alarm, Screen Casting, “and more”.

As mentioned above, the eye-tracking gestures and controls “may come” to global Honor smartphones in a future update.

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