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Holiday Gift Ideas 4: A smart heater that makes your showers even more pleasant

By Glenn Chua - on 19 Dec 2021, 4:00pm

Holiday Gift Ideas 4: A smart device that makes your showers even more pleasant


Ariston AURES Smart SMC33 RS water heater

Even if Singapore seems to be enveloped in an eternal summer, there are only a rare few who enjoy a cold shower. But even so, no one likes a heater that isn't able to regulate the water flow and temperature properly, shifting between cold and hot water bursts without prompting.

That’s where Ariston comes in with their AURES Smart SMC33 RS water heater, part of Ariston's Electric Instant Water Heater (EIWH) line. Note the ‘Smart’ labelling, which is what sets it apart from other water heaters on the market. Ariston boasts of technology in the AURES, dubbed ‘Constant Temperature’ technology, which keeps water temperature consistent regardless of weather conditions, or whether external water sources like the kitchen tap is being used.

The AURES also comes with what Ariston calls its Total Safety System. Part of it is its smart anti-scalding system 2.0, which stops heating if the water in the inlet is detected to be higher than a set temperature. The SMC33 RS also not only comes with the standard hand shower head, but also rain shower accessories, hence the 'RS' moniker at the end if its model name. To top it all off, the SMC33 RS also certified by TÜV SÜD PSB, a safety-testing company, to provide more than 16.4% in utility bill savings.

If you think a smart heater is a worthy investment for a good few years of nice, consistently warm showers, then this might be a worthy buy to treat yourself to. The Ariston AURES SMC33 RS is available on Shopee for S$299


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