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Holiday Gift Idea 8: An ergonomic chair that makes WFH a breeze

By Vijay Anand - on 23 Dec 2020, 5:39pm

Holiday Gift Idea 8: An ergonomic chair that makes WFH a breeze

Ergotune Supreme 2020 ergonomic chair

Be it for work or play, your back deserves a much better chair that's designed to support your body and weight comfortably for several hours at a stretch. It also has to be airy enough to not make you sweat. Your average dining chair is definitely not the answer to your wellbeing.

Why not invest in a good ergonomic chair that would help uplift your work from home experience and perhaps improve your posture for better long-term health? The ErgoTune Supreme 2020 is designed just for this purpose with its auto-tuning lumbar area support (ATLAS) that would automatically match your spine's natural curvature to give you the right support. To make the chair more breathable for long hours of usage, it uses a special blend of fabric and polyester made in Germany called DuraWeave Hybrid Mesh that focuses on better breathability and mesh strength.

For greater customization to suit each individual's usage, the ErgoTune Supreme 2020 uses a TriTune 3D Telescopic Headrest that allows for moving the headrest vertically up/down, as well as offering tilt (up to 60 degrees) and a telescopic extension that allows the headrest to perform depth adjustment. Even the armrests aren't spared from personalisation with a 5-way armrest. The GyroBrace 5D Armrest can slide vertically (front/back), horizontally (left/right), swivel (inwards/outwards) and move up/down and even swing the armrest out to really cover any and all possible arm movements you'll ever need. The chair also affords you TrueTilt Recline (up to 136o) that allows you to select your preferred recline angle and tension to lock it in place or unlock it in an instant, seat depth, height and recline adjustments, backrest height adjustment and a durabe aluminium base.

For S$599, the 2020 ErgoTune Supreme chairs are available on ErgoTune's online store page and come with a 12-year warranty.

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