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Hermès selling AirTag accessories with prices starting from S$439

By Cookie Monster - on 26 Apr 2021, 12:00am

Hermès selling AirTag accessories with prices starting from S$439

French luxury brand Hermès has released four new AirTag accessories for Apple's latest item tracker.

The Apple AirTag Hermès Bag Charm is the most affordable of the lot with a price tag of S$439. The second most affordable option is the Apple AirTag Hermès Key Ring, which is available in three colours (fauve, orange, bleu indigo). The Key Ring is priced at S$519! 

At S$649, the Apple AirTag Hermès Luggage Tag is the second most expensive accessory. The most expensive accessory is the Apple AirTag Hermès Travel Tag, which costs a whopping $1,049! 

To put the prices of the Hermès AirTag accessories in context, the Travel Tag is the same price as an iPhone 11 (128GB). You can also buy 23 individual AirTags or 7 packs of 4 AirTags! Even the most affordable Bag Charm is the price of almost 10 individual AirTags! 

All four AirTag accessories can be purchased on Hermès' website with orders shipping from 29 April. The Key Ring, Luggage Tag and Bag Charm are also available for purchase on the Apple Online Store with in-store pick-up from 30 April or delivery in five to six weeks. 

There are other more affordable AirTag accessories from third-party makers such as Belkin and Nomad. Belkin's Secure Holder with Strap and Secure Holder with Key Ring are priced at S$19 while the Nomad Leather KeyChain and Glasses Strap cost US$29.95 (U.P. $39.95) respectively. Apple's own accessories for the AirTag, the Leather Key Ring and Leather Loop are priced at S$55 and S$59 respectively.

Source: Hermès

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