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Here are the top apps, games and music for 2015 on the iTunes and App Store

By Salehuddin Bin Husin - on 14 Dec 2015, 11:33am

Here are the top apps, games and music for 2015 on the iTunes and App Store

Apple's best of list is the one of the first to come out, but rest assured many more are coming. 

As the end of 2015 fast approaches, companies scramble to release their 'Best Of' lists.

Today we're looking at Apple's. The company's released their list of best and most downloaded music, apps and games, all of which are available on the iTunes and App Store.

So without further ado, let's take a look at who the winners are.

App Store


The App of the Year on the iPhone, based on local downloads is Enlight, a mobile photo editing software that lets you manipulate edit and enhance your photos on your phone without the use of a PC.

The Game of the Year for the iPhone is Lara Croft GO. Square Enix's GO series of mobile games featuring the Hitman and Tomb Raider franchises have been a big hit, which is why Lara Croft GO is the game of the year, based on its clever mix of puzzle and traditional tomb raiding gameplay.



The App of the Year on the iPad is LiquidText, which is used to make notes, comments and drag excerpts from documents.

The Game of the Year award on the iPad is Imposion, a fast paced brawler with mech designs that look like they were ripped straight out of Gundam and Zone of the Enders.



The Best Album award goes to Tanya Chua's Aphasia.

 The Best Song award goes to Knots by Charlie Lim.

 The Best New Artist award is awarded to The Little Giant.

Finally, the Best Artist award goes to The Sam Willows.

If you've never heard of some of the apps, games or music, why don't you just try them out? We'd never heard of the Little Giant before this but looking at her adorable music video with those weird giant man-cat things, we're sold on her music. Who knows, you might be too!

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