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Here are the pricing and availability details of ASUS' new ZenWatch 2 and Zen AIO Pro

By Kenny Yeo - on 29 Oct 2015, 2:36pm

Here are the pricing and availability details of ASUS' new ZenWatch 2 and Zen AIO Pro

In June earlier this year at Computex 2015, ASUS announced a new range of Zen products including the ZenFone Selfie, which we reviewed just last month. And today, they have just announced that its eagerly awaited ZenWatch 2 and Zen AIO Pro will both be hitting stores from next month onwards.

Zen Watch 2

The ZenWatch 2 comes in two sizes and in three different case finishes.

The ZenWatch 2 is offered with a stainless steel case and in various finishes and will come in either a 41mm or 37mm wide case. The larger model is called "Sparrow" and is targeted at men, while the smaller model is called "Wren" and was designed for women. Both models are powered by Android Wear and you can find out more here in our original hands-on coverage article.

Here is the larger 1.63-inch "Sparrow" ZenWatch 2.

The smaller 1.43-inch "Wren" Zen Watch 2 is a better fit for users with more modestly sized wrists.

We had the chance to put them on and found that the smaller "Wren" Zen Watch 2 was a better fit. Even so, the larger "Sparrow" wears comfortably too thanks to its slightly curved case and short curved lugs.

Both models will be available from 14 November onwards and will retail for S$229.

Zen AIO Pro

The Zen AIO Pro is probably the first AIO we've seen to come in gold.

Did we mention it comes in gold?

The other Zen product to come under the limelight was the new Zen AIO Pro. There's two sizes, 21.5 and 23.8 inch, and both will be powered by Intel's new Skylake processors. Both will also have Full-HD displays, but only the larger model's display will be touch-enabled. Additionally, the larger 23.8-inch model will also have discrete graphics in the form of NVIDIA's very capable mid-range GeForce GTX 960M, which will make it suitable for gaming. You can find out more about the Zen AIO Pro in our earlier coverage here.

The larger 23.8-inch can be spec'ed with either a Core i5 or Core i7 processor with the former retailing for S$1798 and the latter for S$2198. Exact details about availability of the larger 23.8 Zen Pro AIO has not yet been confirmed, but we think they could be launched at Sitex later in November. Pricing and availability details of the smaller 21.5-inch Zen AIO Pro are still unknown at this point.

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