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Have you checked in your mobile phone yet?

By Caroline Yeung - on 27 Feb 2019, 12:02pm

Have you checked in your mobile phone yet?

Have you ever thought about how many mobile phones enter a typical school's premises every day? With the prevalence of communication technology, many students are given mobile phones these days.

With this accessibility comes potential addiction, and many school educators are scratching their heads and throwing their hands in the air. Excessive mobile phone use seems to be a difficult area to handle not just for parents, and the current question seems to be “to ban or not to ban.”

Not only are the mobile phones a constant distraction, but they seem to have a correlation with academic achievements as well. Some students sign into different apps, social media on a very frequent basis, and many are not able to turn away from them even during lesson time.  

This is where mobile locking gadgets come in. Yondr produces locking pouches that enable mobile phones to be put away at schools, concerts, or organizations. These pouches lock themselves after mobile phones are inserted into them. Owners can hold onto their pouches with their mobile phone(s) held captive within. This helps the respective organizations to embrace a phone-free zone for their intended duration of activities. Thereafter, Yondr’s locked pouches require an unlocking base to free the items inside which can be administered outside of the respective activity area. 

Yondr is not the only solution required for mobile check-in but does this mean that we will see more schools looking this way to secure devices and ultimately, students’ attention? Are such locking gadgets the key to reduce screen time or minimize dependency, social anxiety, and stress that come from overusing mobile devices? Drop us a line if you've more thoughts!

Source: Yondr

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