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A live-action Harry Potter TV series is in development at HBO Max

By Tim Augustin - on 27 Jan 2021, 11:04am

A live-action Harry Potter TV series is in development at HBO Max

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Wizarding World expands. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, HBO Max is apparently looking for ideas to make a live-action Harry Potter TV series work. It’s likely that the series won’t be another adaptation of the main books, but a Fantastic Beasts-style spin-off set in the Wizarding World universe. 

The website states that executives at HBO Max have, “engaged in multiple conversations,” with writers to explore pitches that would bring the Harry Potter universe to television screens. Apparently, these ideas are currently in the early-stage development phase, so we shouldn’t expect a formal announcement anytime soon. No deals have been made, but HBO Max executives are trying to make it happen. 

WarnerMedia is prioritising recognisable IP to expand upon HBO Max's lineup of content, with recent reports that multiple Game of Thrones spin-offs and a continuation of Sex and the City are also in the works. The Harry Potter franchise has proven to be quite lucrative, so it only makes sense that HBO Max is trying to turn it into a series. The mainline movies have grossed more than US$7 billion worldwide, after all. 

Warner Bros. is expanding the Wizarding World in all sorts of different directions. A third Fantastic Beasts movie is underway, with a new Grindelwald. A Wizarding World open-world RPG is also coming, although it was recently delayed to 2022. 

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