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Follow HardwareZone on TikTok for the coolest tech gadget encounters and launch experiences now!

By Vijay Anand - on 7 Jan 2023, 10:37am

Follow HardwareZone on TikTok for the coolest tech gadget encounters and launch experiences now!

We start the New Year with a bang at Las Vegas for CES 2023, fresh with many zany and extraordinary experiences direct from the show floor and what better way to capture the essence than via TikTok? So yes, HardwareZone is now all-in with our very own TikTok channel!

@hwztech Zach goes to Vegas. What do you want to see from CES? #vegasnye #newyear2023 #insidehwz #hwzsg #fyp ♬ original sound - HardwareZone
@hwztech Attack of the Optimus Primes. #ces #ces2023 #robosences23 #robots #toys #collectibles #transformers #hasbro #hwzsg #zachdoesces #fyp ♬ The Transformers (1984) - Theme Song - Geek Music
@hwztech That is one way to make an entrance #ces2023 #ces #lg #lgces2023 #lgelectronics #oled #hwzsg #zachdoesces #fyp ♬ The Final Countdown - Europe
@hwztech The latest printer tech doesn’t come from HP, Epson, Canon or Brother. It comes from L’Oreal. #ces2023 #loreal #browmagic #browprinter #lifestyle #beautytech #beauty #hwzsg #zachdoesces #fyp ♬ Chemia Nowej Ery - Polskie Hity Internetu

This will be our primary micro-video platform moving forward, and we hope to share the interesting encounters we get access to, direct to you. No mumbo-jumbo or fake marketing pitches from brands or influencers. You'll get to see and hear snappy, authentic experiences from our knowledgeable team as we attend exclusive launches, tech events (like the ongoing CES mega-tradeshow) and cool products that we get to assess.

Yes, it's time to follow, like and share HWZ TikTok videos!

Here's how you can follow us on our new TikTok channel:

  1. Click through this link to join now!
  2. Or you could fire up your TikTok app and search for the "hardwarezone" account. 
  3. To double confirm you are following the right channel, look for our HWZ Zotto logo (yes, the donut-looking logo carrying tech gear). Our actual handle is @hwztech .
  4. That's it, there's no step four! But don't forget to share the word and get your friends to follow us too!


Where can I get a TikTok account setup?

If you're not yet on TikTok, do download the TikTok app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and create an account. After doing so, simply follow the steps above to join us.


Can I still enjoy the videos on the channel if I do not wish to create a TikTok account?

Yes, you can! Our channels are public, and you can preview the content and channel by simply clicking on the link — — to view what we've produced. However, we recommend joining and following our channel so that you can keep tabs on any new content we create.


What kind of videos can I expect?

Firsthand demos, insights and experiences across exclusive events, launches, and products we test. Sounds cool? So yes, follow us now!


What other social channels are we on and how else to follow everything from HWZ?

We're glad you've asked, and we've plenty of options from email newsletters (you'll definitely want this at least for our forum content if you're not active in the forums), to push notifications via Telegram (did you know we've one channel for content and another specific to Deals?), RSS feeds to set up your own content stream, as well as YouTube (this will still be our mainstay for long-form video content), Twitter and Facebook. Here's your one-stop page to subscribe to any or all of these options.

Happy New Year and enjoy our content options!

Join HWZ's Telegram channel here and catch all the latest tech news!
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