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G'zOne Brigade - Casio's Ruggedized Phone For The US

By Andy Sim - on 15 Mar 2010, 5:43pm

G'zOne Brigade - Casio's Ruggedized Phone For The US

We tend to shun anything tagged with the word "ruggedized" like it was the plague itself. Not because we are mere softies who can't handle a rough-and-tumble gizmo, but simply because they are usually uglier than the conventional lot. However, Casio's latest ruggedized smartphone seems to defy that convention. Although the folks at Akihabara isn't too convinced about its looks, we do believe the G’zOne Brigade deserves more than a shrug. Judging from the photos, the "crocodile-texture" exterior and overall design appear to be a sweet mix, although we'd have to admit its BestShot and GPS functions are even sweeter. 


Akihabara News - The G’zOne Brigade is Casio’s phone equivalent to a H1 Hummer… Ugly but strong like a Bull. Shock resistant, Water resistant, our always-ready-in-whatever-situation phone hides a powerful Smartphone with a Full QWERTY keyboard, a dual Screen, a Web Browser, Document Viewer, TTS (Text To Speech), a Music player and a 3.2Mpix Camera. To be honest, it is not my kind of phone but if I had to work in “difficult” environments, I would really consider this bad boy. 


Phone warriors here won't get to enjoy this piece since it's only slated for the US. Anyhow, here is something for the rugged among us to lust for.  

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