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Guy Tattoos Nintendo 3DS AR Card on Body

By Aloysius Low - on 3 May 2011, 9:43am

Guy Tattoos Nintendo 3DS AR Card on Body


When you think about tattoos, they are usually used as a way to express a person's individuality (though then again, maybe not). If you can remember the Zune guy with his Zune tattoo, here's a guy who upped the ante with a tattoo of the Nintendo 3DS AR card. It works too, though he probably could have gotten the same effect with some markers without the permanence. - Also, a couple things to note if you want to try this. Right now, the tattoo doesn’t always work in really bright light, like sunlight, but it works fine in dim-ish light. I think I need to go back and get an outline around it, because I think the 3DS is looking for the edge of the card and can’t find it in bright light.

Full story here.

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