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GPU Shipment Figures Released for Q1 2013; Intel Still Holds Lion's Share

By Wong Chung Wee - on 17 May 2013, 5:45pm

GPU Shipment Figures Released for Q1 2013; Intel Still Holds Lion's Share

Jon Peddie Research has reported the shipment figures for graphics chips for Q1 of this year. It also tallied the market share figures for major players like Intel, AMD and NVIDIA. While Intel has retained the lion's share, it has slid 5.3 per cent compared to its last quarter.

(Image Source: Jon Peddie Research)

The numbers for NVIDIA and AMD are encouraging as both companies have increased their quarter-to- quarter market shares. For AMD, their growth was driven by their APU's shipment that leapt 30 per cent; while for NVIDIA, their discrete mobile graphics chip saw a 7.6 per cent growth. Intel saw declines on both its desktop and notebook graphics chip shipment and its overall discrete graphics shipment fell by 5.3 per cent.

The Jon Peddie Research GPU shipment and market share findings include discrete and integrated graphics for desktops, notebooks (and netbooks), and PC-based commercial (i.e., POS) and industrial/scientific and embedded. It includes handhelds, i.e., mobile phones, x86 Servers or ARM-based tablets, smartbooks, or ARM-based Servers. It also leaves out x86-based tablets. For the full press release from Jon Peddie Research, please visit this link.

(Source: Jon Peddie Research)

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