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Gordon Murray's T.50 will be powered by a V12 that makes 663hp and will rev to 12,100rpm

By Kenny Yeo - on 22 Jul 2020, 11:15am

Gordon Murray's T.50 will be powered by a V12 that makes 663hp and will rev to 12,100rpm

(Image source: Gordon Murray Automotive)

Gordon Murray Automotive has just released details about the V12 engine that will power its eagerly anticipated T.50 supercar.

For a start, it will be naturally-aspirated. Death to turbos. Made by Cosworth, the engine is 100% bespoke and shares not a single part with any other engine. It will have a capacity of just 3.3-litres, which is tiny in comparison to modern V12s – typically around 6-litres.

This was a conscious decision to keep weight down and to ensure the engine could rev high. How high? It will develop peak power at a heady 11,100rpm and it will continue revving until 12,100rpm. This makes it the highest-revving road car engine ever. Plus, it can rev from idle to its redline in just 0.3 seconds – take that LFA.

(Image source: Gordon Murray Automotive)

Max power is 663hp while max torque is 467nm and that arrives at 9,000rpm. 71% of maximum torque – around 350nm – will be available from just 2,500rpm, so this wouldn't be like some Honda VTEC that you have to wring the neck of just to get going.

No word yet on the T.50's performance but expect it to be rapid, especially since the car is expected to weigh under 1,000kg.

Designed with the same philosophy as the seminal McLaren F1, the T.50 is widely regarded to be the F1's true successor. It will be unveiled in full in early August. I can't wait.

Source: Gordon Murray Automotive via Top Gear

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