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Google is working on a foldable phone, but sees no clear use case yet

By Cookie Monster - on 9 May 2019, 1:00am

Google is working on a foldable phone, but sees no clear use case yet

The Google Pixel 3a XL.

Huawei and Samsung may be racing against each other to launch a foldable phone in the market, but Google is taking its time on foldable phones. 

In an interview with CNET last week, Google's Pixel development lead Mario Queiroz shared that the company has experimented with the foldable phones for many years yet the technology and use cases are not ready. 

"We're definitely prototyping the technology. We've been doing it for a long time," Queiroz said in an interview last week at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California. But, he added, "I don't think there's a clear use case yet."

"I think it needs to be more innovative than that," he said, referring to the expanding screen size that foldable phones offer. "The use case is going to need to be something where you go, 'Hey, I definitely need to have this.' Right now, you don't need to have a foldable. It's kind of a 'nice-to-have.'"

Queiroz added that the company has no plans to bring a foldable phone to the market now. He said that Google is "prototyping foldable displays and many other new hardware technologies, and have no related product announcements to make at this time." For now, Google is focusing all its efforts on the new members of the Pixel 3 family, the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL.

Samsung currently has no anticipated launch date for the Galaxy Fold after it was forced to delay the initial launch due to display issues. Huawei confirmed at its Global Analyst Conference in April that the Mate X foldable phone is on track to launch in June.

Source: CNET

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