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Google Unveils Data Cleanser

By Andy Sim - on 12 Nov 2010, 8:46am

Google Unveils Data Cleanser

Once known as "Freebase Gridworks", Google has since transformed and improved on the acquired Metaweb's software as their own. Tagged as Google Refine, the open-source application is primarily a collection of tools designed to analyze and clean up data sets. For example, it can detect variant spellings of a word in a data set and replace them with the appropriate term. 

IDG News Service - Google has updated and re-released open-source software for cleaning, analyzing and transforming data sets, now called Google Refine. Google Refine is a collection of tools that could come in handy when wrangling useful information from a data set, particularly ones that have data inconsistencies. 

Google's software is also known to work with text files, where data can be divided into different columns with the use of commas. Read up more on Google Refine here

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