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Google Trial Adds Gmail to Your Search Results

By Joy Hou - on 11 Aug 2012, 10:00am

Google Trial Adds Gmail to Your Search Results

Google has announced a trial which will enable people using the search engine to see search queries feature results from their Gmail account.

Image source: Greenlight

Adam Bunn, Director of SEO at Greenlight, has said if this were to be rolled out permanently, it will result in some drawbacks for marketers data-wise and, while it could be viewed as an opportunity from an email marketing perspective, that would be highly dependent on message retention.

Gmail in search results will make site visit data tricky to track - Marketers will need to seek out marketing technology solutions that will help plug the data void. According to Bunn, this will also encourage people who currently go digging around in their Gmail accounts for information, to perform a Google search instead. However, this can be plugged by utilising marketing technology solutions, such as Hydra’s One Platform, which can transform real-time unstructured ‘big data’ into actionable intelligence; uncovering opportunities to achieve optimal performance.

Also, Google is extending Google Knowledge Graph to every English speaking country, benefitting retailers, brands, and digital marketers. Boiled down, it is a glorified version of “related searches”, except Google has a smarter way of interpreting what is related to your original query such that the related results are broader and more intelligent.

Source: Greenlight

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